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Tea manufacture is the process of transformation of freshly plucked green tea leaves to black tea.

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Tea Plucking

In the spring and summer, you should notice a fresh 'flush' of young leaves and these are the perfect ones for tea making and the most prized by tea growers. Pick the two youngest leaves and the bud of each branch to give yourself a small pile of fresh soft leaves to work with.


Heat the leaves by steaming them

A steamer works best or you can use a colander over a pan of boiling water, steam for 1-2 minutes.. You should never have the bundles temperature so high that you can't carefully handle them and by feeling for them to go limp you'll know they are ready for the next step.


Retain tea leaves freshness

Is the process by which the leaf is twisted and the leaf cell walls ruptured to bring the juices to the surface of the leaf. The rolling machines have deep jacket, a pressure cap to apply pressure on the leaf, and the table itself has battens and a cone at the center to twist the leaf.


Keep the tea moisture-free

Drying enhances a tea’s flavors and ensures its long shelf-life. To dry the leaves they are fired or roasted at a low temperature for a controlled period of time, typically inside an industrial scale oven. If the leaves are dried too quickly, the tea can turn abrasive and taste harsh.


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